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chiaraI am a food lover in all its versions. I like eating well, drinking wine, and living it up.

My blog’s name is “Ricette del Cuore”! Ricette stands for recipes, and cuore for heart, to be meant as the physical heart but also as the figurative one.

I am 100% italian, and in my kitchen I talk about italian recipes (the recipes of the heart): these are step by step, with full details and images, and with reference to the basics of cooking. So you can always find a link to a page where you can find how to cook the pasta, or how to mince a shallot, and so on.

In every recipe, I also write all the props you need, as the first time I prepare a new dish, I often end up using a lot of unecessary bowls, pots and so on.

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And, as I am really keen on healthy food, I give you the opportunity to filter and to find the recipes that have low cholesterol, or that are vegetarian, etc.

But, please, remind that I am not a doctor, so do not take it for granted!

And, as a healthy diet starts from food of good quality, I have created a section where you can find all my suggestions to recognize good food and to be updated on healthy issues (like positive and negative properties of some ingredients)

Then you can find also some chats, and suggetions on places to go (out!), or to buy good food.


Write to info@ricettedelcuore.it (Chiara Pecchioli) or compile the form in the page Contact me


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