Be careful when you buy the yogurt

Be careful when you buy the yogurt

Have you ever read the ingredients of the yogurt?

Unexpectedly there are a lot of “strange” ingredients, that have nothing to do with plainly yogurt.

These ingredients are added in order to make the yogurt more beautiful, more attractive, but we really don’t need to eat these ingredients as there are not natural.
The best thing to do is to eat the natural yogurt, that is made only by yogurt, and by some fruit and some sugar.

So, what you need to do, it’s just to read the ingredients of the yogurt you are going to buy, and to check it out.

Here a list of natural yogurt, that I have already checked out.

yomo yogurt

Yomo: it’s 100% natural. The whole milk yogurt is made by yogurt, the fruit yogurt is made by yogurt, fruit and some sugar. Easy!!!

yogurt vipiteno

Sterzing – Vipiteno: the whole milk yogurt is made by yogurt: you can choose between the “standard” version, the “bio” one and the “Alpen” one.

yogurt merano

Merano: the whole milk yogurt is made by yogurt, while between the fruit yogurt there is a line of products that is called “100% natural” that contains yogurt, fruit and sugar.

I believe that there are also other producers of natural yogurt. You just need to check it out.

Please, when you buy the yogurt pay attention to the deadline, as the farest it is the better it is. In fact, the yogurt contains milk enzymes that are alive and that die day after day. Moreover the best quality of milk is used to produce the yogurt, the best quality of yogurt you obtain.

I like the values of the producer “latteria Merano” that believes

happy cows produce high quality milk

Here you can see one of their happy cows. It’s cute, isn’t it?

My favourite yogurt?
The one I do on my own.

I prefer to buy the whole milk yogurt, 100% natural, and then I add the sugar and (sometimes) my favourite fruit.

I suggest to taste different kind of (natural) whole milk yogurt, and to choose the one you like most!

yogurt with fresh fruit

You are going to create the best yogurt of your life. Guaranteed.

(in the picture, glass Beppino by Poloplast)