My story

I’ve been cooking cakes since my childhood. Only recently I began to cook pasta, meat, fish, and all other kind of everyday salted food.


Then, one day, I attended to a very intensive cooking course, where I learnt to prepare all kind of food, salted and not-salted.

This course changed the vision I’ve had of food, unexpectedly everything became clearer, as once you know the basics, you can cook every recipe.

Now I am finally ready to have guests for dinner!

Later in my life, I attended (I don’t know why) to a very short course on food-blogging. I don’t remember what drove me there, maybe the chance, maybe I just wanted to have a kind of on-line recipe book, and clearly I remember that something arrived in my mail proposing me this short course.

So I attended it, and I started to move on-line all my everyday recipes.

Ricette Cuore Logo

My blog’s name is “Ricette del Cuore”! Ricette stands for recipes, and cuore for heart, to be meant as the physical heart but also as the figurative one.

The logo is so beautiful, you have to see it: it has the colors of the italian flag, the shape of a heart mixed up with a strawberry and a radish, and the appearance of a stamp.

I was looking for something that had the colours of the italian flag and I was torn between the strawberry and the radish.

Thank’s to Martina, a super designer of just 10 years old, at the end I had both!

Disegno Ricette del Cuore

She drew a strawberry with the leaves of a radish. So brilliant.

Now my logo has everything: Italy, fruit, vegetables, heart.

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Then, to spread all my recipes everywhere, I became a social person.

Beep Cia-Ciack

At this point, I looked around me, and I discovered that my photos weren’t so good, so I started to use a reflex camera (and I still have a lot to improve), I bought a flash (as I cook in the evening) and now, every time a take a new photo, I can hear a very strange noise that sounds like “Cia-Ciak””

Now the living room is a mess, and it looks more like a studio than a living place. I keep on thinking what to cook, where I can buy the food, how I can compose the dish and what I should do to have a very good photo.

And I am happy. This is another part of the food-blogger being.